Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Icebreaker Quantum Hood Review

So we all know I love Icebreaker stuff by now right? I just tried a new running piece out and I'm in love all over again.

The Quantum Hood is made for running and has all the bells and whistles you think it should.

Its made of pure, TRACEABLE merino wool (a renewable resource).  I received the black so right away its a very flattering piece.

The front zipper has reflective material on it so you can wear this on the road with confidence.  I love not having to remember a reflective item other than this one.

The material is lined and soft against your skin.  Again, I was cool while running and warm afterwards.  When I say its fast drying, that's an understatement.  It was dry by the time I drove to Target about 5 minutes away.

There are eyelet panels strategically placed under the arms for extra ventilation and prevention of stink.

I love the drop tail hem.  It was enough coverage that it made me feel a little more comfortable wearing this piece with leggings to the store.

The neck can easily be zipped up high or unzipped for temperature control during your run.  I love a high neck like this one to help keep the wind off your face and mouth in the cold winter months.  Of course it also has a hood which actually stayed on my head.

One of my favorite things about this hoodie is the thumbholes to keep the arms in place!

This hood allowed me to forget the reflective bracelets I usually wear, forget my hat and gloves. I was able to be as warm as I needed to be and then take parts off as I heated up.  This hoodie took away the uncomfortable cold part of my run and made it all cozy.

You can buy this hoodie here:

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