Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sheex PillowCase Review

Sheex calls themselves performance sheets.  Well they are correct.  I had no idea what a difference the right linens could make.

I was sent a pair of Sheex pillow cases and I put them on, wondering if my husband would even notice the difference.  He immediately noticed and wondering where I was able to find such soft and comfortable pillowcases.  He was concerned I had spent a LOT of money on them :)

I am a good sleeper, but my husband often has trouble staying asleep.  I fell fast asleep in my Sheex pillow case and was amazed at how much more refreshed I felt in the morning.  I never felt hot or cold over night, just comfortable.  The pillowcase was so soft I kept "cuddling" with it!  

My husband woke up the next day and told me he slept better than he had in ages.  I thought it might be a fluke so I waited a few more nights and every day he told me the same thing, that he slept amazingly well.  I eventually had to change the pillowcases and when I did, he didn't sleep as soundly and we were subject to the temperature fluctuations in the room again.  (We live in New England and its winter here so the heat goes on and off throughout the evening.)

Sheex not only control your temperature.  They wick moisture away from your skin, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.  They are also more breathable.  

I can't tell you how soft they are.   They feel like a much pricier sheet set and they get even softer after you wash them.  

These are now my favorite pillow cases and I'm on the hunt for a great deal on a sheet set.  You will love these sheets!  

They are the perfect way be healthier in 2012.  If you sleep better you will have more energy and be able to accomplish more in work and in life.  Of course a better night's sleep means more energy during the day and who doesn't want that?

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