Friday, January 20, 2012

Simplicity is Good Fashion

Lately I've realized that I'm only wearing a fraction of my wardrobe.  Since I spend my days helping other clients pair down and make do with less, I stopped and thought about what I needed to do to simplify my wardrobe.

I first stopped and thought about what I wear the most.  And then I thought about WHY I wear it.  I love wrap cardigans, crinkly tunics and comfy shoes.  Of course I also love my running and yoga clothes.
I love these things because they are comfortable to wear and easy to throw on.  So why am I keeping all the other stuff?

Great question.  Just like my clients I realized I was holding onto things because they represented something else.  They were clothes I used to wear were for a corporate job or what I thought I wanted to be.  Thus, I've packed all of them up and donated them.  They are going on to live a better life with someone who will love them more.

Meanwhile, I've found that simplifying my wardrobe makes getting dressed super easy and quick.  I never find myself pulling at my clothes or wearing an itchy sweater half way through the day.  I know that everything I put

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