Thursday, January 12, 2012

Code Blue Review

I'm always thirsty and I know I don't do a great job staying hydrated.  So over time I sought out all sorts of things to try out.  I love Gatorade, and all of those sports drinks, but my favorite has been coconut water.

I recently tried some Code Blue drink and I really also like this.  Its made of all sorts of natural ingredients like ginko biloba, sea salt and milk thistle.  It really has the best of all of the hydration drinks out there.  Its great for hydration and replenishment of nutrients.

The best part is that it has no calories!  And comes in yummy flavors.  Its not something you have to choke down.  While I wouldn't replace all of my hydration choices with this one, I would use this regularly as another option to have before or after my run.  I love that you can use it on either end of a workout and it takes away the need for two specialty drinks.

Code Blue comes in four flavors; strawberry melon, blueberry pomegranate, peach mandarin and mayer melon.  They are all yummy.  I didn't find one I didn't like.

I also loe this drink as a restorative beverage.  When I had a cold I happened to have one on hand and I felt more restored after wards.  I felt as if I was better hydrated from my fever.  I'd also keep these with me on my business travels as those always dehydrate me.  I will tell you this is way better than an anergy drink and all natural.

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