Thursday, February 2, 2012

Restorative Yoga

I've been talking about yoga for a while now and I'm sure you wondering why I am talking about it so much on a running blog.  However, its been teaching me a lot.  Mostly, I love the feeling from working out at hard as possible for an hour and a half and dripping with sweat when I'm done.  I love the feeling of pushing hard and finding release at the same time.  However, I've recently tried a new type of yoga.

Its offered at the same studio where I take power yoga and its even taught by some of the same teachers.  However, its completely different.  Its called restorative yoga.  Instead of focusing in strength and power movements, it focuses on stillness, release and relaxation.  There is a series of five poses.  Each pose is held for about ten minutes.

The teacher will come around and make adjustments during that time.  During the class you are on your mat.  However, you also use two yoga blocks, a bolster, a yoga strap, a sand bag and a blanket.

The teacher comes around during your relaxation and rubs balm on your temples and rubs your feet.

The first time I ended up in the class it was by accident.  Due to a scheduling error I ended up in the class.  I was upset at first because I wasn't going to get a "real" workout.  However, I soon realized the feeling was amazing.

Its a very deep relaxation that is difficult to explain.  Its not as if you are falling asleep, but floating and everything just floats away.  If you have a chance, I highly suggest taking a class like this.  I can't find time to go every week but I'm trying to treat myself as often as possible, at least one a month.

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