Saturday, February 4, 2012

TV Land

As some of you may know, I was recently asked to record some segments for TV Land's Best Night In.  On Monday nights TV Land airs reruns.  In between the episodes they have segments with how to information.  Past segments have included how to pick a dog, what to cook for Thanksgiving, what to buy for gifts, etc.  There are four segments, of one minute each.  I was asked to come in and create some organizing segments.

I received the phone call last Tuesday and I said YES after being asked.  I had a conference call two days later with the writer, the director and an assistant.  During the conference call we nailed down the topics for the four segments.  We chose closets, kids, totes, and junk drawers.

I gave them a list of props and when I arrived on Monday, the props were all there.  I spent some time with a wonderful props woman, Sally, getting everything camera ready.  We all know I love organizing so setting up the drawers and containers was a lot of fun.  Sally was able to make things look even prettier.

I then went to hair and makeup.  They were magicians.  I learned all about hair and makeup.  The whole process took a few hours and the result was amazing.  However, I still looked like myself.

Wardrobe was next and while I agonized over what to bring with me and had some new items in my selections, the stylist chose my trouser jeans, a loose fitting silk tank and earth colored cardigan.  She added some gold toned jewelry and I was ready to go.

We started recording quickly after that.  There is a lot of adjustments and prepping that go into each shot.  There are about 20 people behind the scenes including the director, assistant director, sound technicians, camera people, props people etc.

Each segment we were recording was 60 seconds and its shocking how quickly that goes by.  The director and producer are watching the whole thing on screen so they are constantly talking about what they want in the next take.

Looking happy on camera isn't easy.  You have to smile at the camera, look in the right place, smile at the host, think about what you're saying next, speak coherently, keep your wardrobe from crinkling and keep it under 60 seconds.  We did about four takes on each of the segments, plus "b roll" of the products, and intros and outros.

The entire crew were very understanding and super nice.  I was very lucky to have had the opportunity.

Filming took about six hours, plus hair and makeup.  It was a long, very tiring day and I loved every second of it. I can't wait to do more!  The spots will run on the 5th of March.  Here are a few pictures from the day...

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