Monday, February 20, 2012

Juil Sandal Review

If a pair of sandals could make you happy, these are them.  The Juil Hera sandals are adorable, comfortable and allow you to feel the earth below you in a way you never have before.

The Juil line of sandals have special copper pieces on your heel and on your toes.  They allow you to connect with the Earth below you and harness its inner energy.  While this may sound silly to you, I want you to stop and thing about all of the things you've been hearing about barefoot technology.  

Going barefoot is a way for your body to gain strength.  Walking in Juil sandals gives you that freedom but also allows you to harness the Earth's energy.  If you're rolling your eyes right now, just wear a pair for a day and you will know what I mean.

My pair of Hera sandals arrived in January and while it was COLD outside I insisted upon wearing them around to try them out.  They were so comfortable and made me feel so amazing I wore them all day, even out to dinner that night in the 30 degree weather.

Your Juil sandals will arrive in the most adorable shoe box you've ever seen.  Seriously, I'm anti clutter, but this box is worth keeping.  Oh and the shoes are tucked into a beautifully patterned yoga mat bag!  How cool is that?

Juil sandals come in all sorts of styles and colors.  You can check out the whole range here:

My Hera sandals in Pewter seem to match just about everything and have taken me from casual to dressy to yoga class.  

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