Friday, February 24, 2012

Prayer Bead Necklace by Inspire Designs Shop

While the term "prayer bead" may make you think of something you'd wear the church, the Prayer Bead Necklace by Inspire Designs Shop is anything but boring.

The necklace is hand strung and can be made of natural stones, turquoise stones or onyx stones.  The one I received was natural stones.  While I love the other colors, the natural stones go with absolutely everything.

The necklace can be worn a variety of ways.  It can be worn as a long necklace, a short necklace, a bracelet, you name it.  There is a tutorial on ways to wear the necklace  here .

Get your own Prayer Bead Necklace here:

The necklace is comfortable to wear.  You actually forget you have it on.  The beads and thread are smooth and never irritate your neck.

Of course you can use the necklace as part of your daily prayer or meditation practice.  I love wearing it as a part of any outfit, casual or dressy.

The necklace is what I call spiritual sophistication!  You can wear it as a reminder of your spirituality and still look great doing it!

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