Saturday, October 22, 2011

Status Update

Well the past few weeks have been very busy trying to get settled into our new home, resume normal business activities and catch up with our clients.  I've also been trying to find new running trails, get back into my routine, etc.

I will say that I haven't found that "one" park and set of trails that I love and feel comfortable at yet.  I am still in the running, looking, carrying a map and phone stage.    I am still using the GPS to get to some of the parks too.  I'm hoping to spend some more time at a park in New York this weekend and get more comfortable with the park itself.

I have also been taking hot yoga at least three times a week.  Its been a lot of fun.  Today I was able to hold crane pose for three breaths and I was able to get my heels on the floor.  These are both very small victories.  More importantly, I feel stronger and more aligned in my poses and I feel less wobbly.  I am addicted.

Lately running and I have had less of a love affair.  We will never part ways but I've been working learning balance in my life in many ways and running has taken a smaller role.  However, the role is no less important, just different.  I'm looking forward to working on our relationship all winter and maybe going for a faster or longer distance next year.

Oh and my new trail shoes rock!  I bought he Brooks Cascadia and despite them being so bright I could be seen a mile away, they are super comfortable and durable.  I didn't feel one rock and my bone bruise has heeled.  The colors may even grow on me :)

More to come as things progress and I regain some normalcy in my life!

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