Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot Yoga

Well I finally tried hot yoga.  I bought a Living Social deal what seems like forever ago, but with the move, etc I finally got around to using it.

I love it and I have a new addiction.

The teacher asked me at the start of class if I had ever done yoga before and I told her that while I had taken some classes a while ago, I had never tried hot yoga.

She told me that when I get woozy or light headed, go ahead and get into child's pose.  I thought this was ominous.

I also knew that there was a very good chance I might not make it through class.

Everyone else was dressed in long leggings and tanks.  I had on some hot yoga shorts and a tank.  I'm glad I did as I needed to be able to adjust to the 105 degree temperature.

I actually made it through the whole class and from the classes I've taken in the past, I knew all of the poses.  I am very glad that it wasn't my first yoga class overall.

At the start of class, the room feels hot. As class goes on, it feels warm and nice.  You stop noticing the sweat dripping off of you and start to really focus.

Its hard work.  I won't deny that.  However, at the same time, its very relaxing.  Its kind of like going for a hard run while drinking a glass of wine.

I only have 30 days on my membership so I'm going to try to get as many classes in as possible.  And after that, we will see.  However, I'd love to add it to part of my workout routine this winter.

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