Monday, October 10, 2011

Go Sport ID Review

I was recently sent a Go Sport ID Inspire bracelet to try out and review.  I have used other ID types in the past and been happy with them, but because I trail run a  lot I'd managed to ruin a few of the other ones.

I received the bracelet and I immediately slipped it on.  It was comfortable right out of the package.  I am always concerned about having to put on bracelets as I don't always get ready for a run with someone around.  I didn't need any assistance with this one.

Since it was colder out, I was wearing the bracelet underneath my long sleeve top.  I even used the thumbholes for part of the run.

I was concerned that I was going to feel the bracelet and have to fidget with it.  I never even gave it another thought.  It stayed flat against my skin and hardly noticeable.

I also thought the bracelet might get sticky or yucky after running with me for a while.  It has not.  The silicone band is easy to clean and doesn't get sticky after wear.

The stainless steel plate is clearly engraved and not only holds all of your personal information, it holds motivational saying of your choice.  I also like the fact that your personal information is on the under side of the bracelet's plate.  If I stop for coffee I'm not worried that someone might get ahold of personal information with just a glance.

I feel safer wearing the bracelet and I know my husband feels better that I go out with it on my wrist.  Its a small investment to make in my safety and well being of being a runner, especially one who runs in the woods.  This is a great gift for someone who runs, bikes, or even a child who plays a sport.

The bracelets come in various colors and wrist sizes.  Go Sport ID also has other bracelet products and even a "dog tag" like id necklace.  You can view all of their products here:

So this holiday seasons or for your loved one's next birthday, pick up a Go Sport ID!

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