Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heart Walk

The day after the Newtown Race I participated in an annual tradition of the Westchester Heart Walk with some dear friends of ours, the Ang family.  We are walking for and honoring the memory of their beloved Ernesto Ang.

The walk is low key and it is one of the only events that is actually just a walk.  It takes place on a lovely paved an almost flat course in White Plains, NY.  There are walkers of all shapes and sizes and the best part is checking out everyone's tee shirts.  Each team designs and prints their own tee shirts.

Our tee shirts were awesome and unique:

The race is a great reminder of the work and preparation it takes to be and stay healthy.

Despite it "only" being a walk, they are super prepared ahead of time.  There is a warm up before the walk starts.  There is juice, water, apple slices, snacks, etc.  There is even an activity tent for the kiddies!

After the walk we go out for dim sum with our friends and eat up every calorie we expended during the walk.  Being outdoors in October and walking all morning makes the food taste even better!

This year we took Roxy for her first real outing of the sort.  She did very well considering how frantic she was with people and other dogs back in the spring.  She barely barked at anyone.  Mrs.  Ang even made her a heart and peace sign bandana!  Its so cute we haven't taken it off since.  Because Matt and I were so tied up with watching Roxy we didn't snap a lot of photos, but I hope to have some new ones soon.  Here is one we did catch:

We will be back to the Heart Walk again next year!

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