Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Running Costume

Okay because I'm a big fan of being comfortable, and I'm a big fan of dressing up in costume to run races, I really had to think through my Halloween costume for the annual local Halloween race.

I will admit that I own a few costumes and I've worn them a few times over the years.  My favorite is Minnie Mouse.  So when I started figuring out what to wear for the Halloween race, I was all over the place in thinking about what to wear etc.  Like I said I hate being uncomfortable.  So while I admire the runners who can run a race in a banana costume or with a bowl of pasta on their head, I'm not one of them.

Okay so here is what I decided.  I decided to reinvent my favorite costume running style:.  I purchased Running Skirts red mini dot skirt.  Its red with white dots just like Minnie's skirt.  I will add a black running top (dependant upon the temperature that day), my regular road shoes, black knee socks and my signature sequin Minnie ears (held in place by barrettes).  We will see how it all pulls together soon!!

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  1. Okay the race has been postponed due to a really bad freak October snow storm. And so, now preparing for even colder temperatures, I may add tights. Also, however, I have found some awesome face paint, and I'm going to add rosy cheeks and a nose!