Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Manduka Yoga Mat Review

As you all know I've been taking more and more yoga classes lately.  I've been trying out various types of mats, etc.

I believe I have finally found "the one".  The mat is Manduka's eKO Mat.  The mat is very heavy duty.  I will tell you its hefty to carry around.  It weighs seven pounds.

However, those seven pounds are worth it! This mat in particular, is made from non Amazon harvested rubber.  It is eco friendly and durable.  The mat does not contain any PVC.

The top is covered with a pretty pattern that almost looks like wheat flowing in a field in the wind.  Its subtle, but pretty.

I got my mat in Thyme and the color is amazing.  Its not a traditional color so it stands out at the studio which I like when everyone's mats look the same.

The mat is grippy but its still comfortable.  I wouldn't say its squishy, but it pads me enough from the floor to make me comfortable during any pose.  Even poses where I'm on one foot or my tail bone are more comfy on this mat.

The mat doesn't absorb moisture and dries quickly.  I haven't used it yet, but Manduka also offers renewal spray to make sure your mat stays in the best shape possible.

The Manduka mats are a little more expensive than other mats on the market.  However, in just the short time I've been using mine, its well worth it.  The durability and features that this mat offers are heads and tales above others on the market.

Take a peek at all of their offerings here:

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