Sunday, October 2, 2011

Newtown Road Race Review

I've been waiting to run the Newtown Road Race for years.  Literally.  The first year I started training for it I got mono.  I trained last year and disconnected my IT band.  This year I was sad to find out it was taking place while I was away on vacation.  Well due to the hurricane, it was delayed until this weekend and I signed up right away.

With the move and renovation going on, I was really not prepared at all and my whole goal was to finish at all without feeling like I was dying.

The race morning was wet and cool, and I debated what to wear more than once.  I finally decided on one of my dresses, and my new Halloween Sweaty Band.  I was quite comfortable with the temperature.

The race was a rolling course and its one I have run quite often over the years.  I didn't wear my watch and I just did my best.  Shockingly, it was only 17 seconds off my PR.

I loved the race, taking part and getting back into it.  I am doing a race on Halloween weekend and I'm anxious to really get some great fall training days in,  I am off to explore some new trails tomorrow.

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  1. Great job yesterday, honey! I see you have a wonderful race photographer, too!