Friday, October 14, 2011

Jade Yoga Mat Review

Now that I've been doing more yoga and we've had some guests on our radio show related to yoga, I've been getting a lot of questions about the gear, etc that I use.

I was recently sent a Jade Yoga Professional Mat to try out.  I took it to a hot yoga class to give it a whirl.  It rolled out easily and once I had it in place, it really stuck to the floor.  I was using a towel over it so I didn't sweat directly on the mat.  However, I did pour water on my towel to increase my grip and the mat really gripped.

I have a sharp tail bone.  I can't do sit ups without a blanket underneath me without doing harm to myself.  So my usual yoga mat (a Target special) sometimes hurts in times like boat pose.  This mat provided me with plenty of cushioning.  But again, no movement on the floor, which I liked.

Jade mats are made of natural rubber, a renewable resource.  How cool is that?  They also won't release any of those nasty chemicals that are found in other mats.

The mat is hefty, about five pounds.  However, it rolled up easily and fit into the mat bag I have been using all along.

This particular mat is available in two lengths, 68" and 74".  Of course, it comes in various colors too. Even if this mat isn't for you, Jade Yoga has lots of other mats.  Check them all out here:

These mats make the perfect gift for the yogi or budding fitness enthusiast in your life.

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