Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yur Going to Love These Ear Buds

Okay, just about everyone has an iPod.  How we listen to it differs...there are hundreds of options for headphones.  Personally, I can't wear the ear buds that come with the iPod.  When running they actually cut the inside of my ear enough to make it bleed.  They work for lots of people though.

So over the years I've gone though a few pairs of Shure headphones.  They are pricey and with the wear and tear of going in and out of a gym bag, being worn for runs, and dealing with the elements, they eventually fray, stop working, etc.  And I was getting tired of investing in a pair what seemed to be every summer. This past summer my iPod broke entirely so I needed to replace my whole ensemble.

I got one of the small shuffles and a set of Apple's in ear headphones.  I was trapped into buying a pair of their headphones because the Shuffle itself at the time had no controls and has to be used with a pair of Apple headphones.  *this will be important later!

When I learned about Yur buds, I was thrilled to hear that there was another option out there for runners.  The ear bud themselves are made of a flexible silicone.  The come in red, blue and pink.  More importantly they come in different sizes.  You actually send them a photo of your ear and they determine the perfect size for you.

My Yur buds arrived in a cute little pouch with instructions.  (I'm a sucker for a cute little pouch!)  I very quickly realized that the headphones wouldn't work with my iPod (see above as to why).  So I took off the silicone ear pieces and put them on the headphones that came with my iPod.  They went on very easily and quickly.

I ran with the headphones this morning and I can truly say I love them.  They are comfortable.  I didn't have to adjust them once.  I usually have to fiddle with my Apple ear buds a few times during my run.

The thing that struck me about these headphones was the excellent sound quality.  my music sounded awesome!  I really require good sound, which is why I bought Shures in the past.

The ear buds were comfortable.  A must for anyone running.  I can't tell you how comfortable they were.  I didn't think about them once, which as runners know, is the sign that something is perfect!

They are sweat proof too.  The ugly truth is that when you workout, everything gets a little grimy.

One of my favorite aspects of these headphone is that they allowed me to hear what was going on around me when I was running.  The school bus approaching me, the trail beneath my feet and the people around me.  Its an unusual feature for headphones that are comfortable AND sound good.

The best part is that Yur Buds aren't expensive.  They aren't going to break the bank. Replacement covers start at about $20 and their most expensive pair (Ironman branded) are $49.99.  Take a peek at their whole selection here:

I can assure you that for a custom fit, comfortability and sound, you aren't going to beat the price of Yur Buds.

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