Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Running

Okay a few weeks ago we have a blizzard here in New England.  A real life blizzard.  It was snowing sideways.  I opened by back deck door and the snow was up to my waist.  So the day AFTER the blizzard occurred I decided I needed to go for a trail run.

First of all my car got stuck in the parking lot.  They hadn't plowed yet and there were cars skidding everywhere, dogs were having a hard time getting through it and there were snow banks preventing traveling in the usual lanes.  I should have left then.  But I didn't.

I started running on the area that everyone travels on.  It wasn't horrible there.  Then, about 25 feet onto the trail, it got bad.  I was slipping and sliding and with any given step, I had no idea how far I would sink in.  I was about a half a mile in before I just had it and tried to walk.  I was as out of breath as I'd ever been and I was angry.  I could have turned around, but I figured it couldn't possibly be as bad going forward to I plugged on figuring I'd loop back at my first chance, which was only three quarters of a mile.

Although there were spots where the snow was non existent due to the gusts we'd had, most of the rest of the trail was treacherous.  It was as if I were in a nightmare, running and running and running and going nowhere.  Just about everyone else was walking, or had cross country skis or snow shoes.  I should have realized.

I made it back to the car, where my husband was waiting and I think every other word was a curse.  I had managed to pull my achilles tendon in the process.  The silver lining to the day was that my husband, who was taking photos, got this shot of me.

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