Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweaty Bands

Before you judge, these bands are way cuter than their name.  They are headbands like no others you've tried.
They have a fabric outside made of grosgrain material with a velvet like underside (the side that touches your hair).  The back side of the headband (that goes under your head) is made of a stretchy elastic material.

I was skeptical because I've reviewed headbands before and when I fond comfort, I've found I have to adjust them when running.  If they hold tight, they hurt, etc.

So I wore one of these bands out for a run today.  I had a good on at first and pulled it off after my warm up.  I thought for sure I would have lost my headband in this process.  I didn't!

I ran a 5k this morning in the headband and it didn't move.  Not once.  Not when I played with my ear buds, not when I adjusted my sunglasses.  And it didn't pinch or hurt!

I'm a little concerned with washing the band after a bunch of sweaty bands, but after one run it didn't seem to be wet at all, so I think it would take a LOT of runs to get these grimy.

Here is a picture of the headband in my hair.  In the same place, literally hours after I put it in.

Take a look at their very extensive inventory here.  There is something for everyone's tastes.  I am itching to get a few more now.  I love seasonal things and they even have Christmas bands!  (I'm hoping for some cute spring and summer bands to pop up soon.)

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