Saturday, January 22, 2011

Erin Baker Goods

I was sent a few products from Erin Baker...and I was excited to try them.  However, the healthy and organic labels scared me a little.  We all know that sometimes these things mean "tasteless".  However, Erin's Baked goods are anything but.  

I started out with the Brownie Bites.  They are soft and chewy.  They seem as though they were fresh baked, not taken out of a package.  The best thing is that they are just the right size....not too big and not too small.  You feel as if you have had a sweet treat, but haven't over eaten.  All the varieties are less than 100 calories each!  I know that I'd rather have a brownie than a baked mini version of a cracker or cookie!  

I next tried the high protein granola.  I have a hard time getting all of the protein that I need into my daily diet.  So anything that has a lot of protein intrigues me.  I was doubtful at first as I usually make my own granola.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The granola is sweet, but not sugary.  Its hearty, but not sticky or heavy.  My favorite part was the light taste of peanut butter throughout.  I plan on getting a big granola and breaking it up into little packets to eat after runs, or during hikes.  
The final item I tried was the breakfast cookie.  Its a really good size, and I almost couldn't finish it in one sitting.  Its moist and soft like it was just baked and came out of the oven.  I toasted it, per suggestion from the baker and it was AMAZING!  I felt as if I were eating a tasty dessert and not a healthy food option.  I really feel like these could become addicting!  That being said, most mornings I just don't feel like eating breakfast.  However, who can't go for something sweet, warm and yummy in the morning?

All of Erin's goodies impressed me.  Its hard to find wholesome food that you can feel good about eating AND it tastes good.  Erin's Baker Goods fit the bill!  Give them a try and you won't be disappointed! 


  1. i'm a big fan of erin baker's chocolate granola, but haven't tried the other products yet. i'll definitely be giving the breakfast cookie a try!

  2. Warming/toasting the breakfast cookie makes them even yummier!