Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got Pain?

Salonpas recently sent me some pain relief patches to try out.  I normally hate patches like these and can't wait to take them off, but after badly hurting my IT band this summer and facing flare ups from time to time I'm willing to try anything to make running easier.

The patch does have menthol.  However, the odor is not over powering as it usually is in patches like this.  The patch was large enough to cover the area I wanted it to, but not too big.  It was easy to put on with one set of hands as well.

The patch easily stayed on for eight hours.  At that time I took it off easily and there was no goop left behind.

I know what you're asking....does it work?  It does.  I felt relief after a day of speed work in the cold, a hot shower after and rushing out the door without stretching....
The patch won't compensate for taking care of yourself but on those days when you are a little stiff and can use a little help, the Salonpas patch is a great option.  Its thin enough that you don't notice it under clothing...I even had tight fitting pants on and it wasn't a problem.

You can get Salonpas patches at all sorts of places including and CVS.
Visit their website here:

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