Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me & Goji

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE cereal.  I eat it all the time.  When my husband is out of town, I've been known to eat it every meal of the day.  So when I first learned about Me & Goji I was excited.  The nice people there allowed me to build my own cereal and try it out.

When you first visit their website ( you can start building your mix.  You start with a base such as healthy o's or shredded wheat.  There was a big enough variety that I had a hard time choosing.  From there you add in fruit, nuts, or seeds.  The options are combinations are endless and at first, over whelming.  I played on the site for a LONG time...and finally made my mix.  I think I was a little scared to keep adding things in.

Once you are done mixing and matching you can order up your mix.  You can even put it in a custom package!  Add a photo to the container.

My mix arrived today and it was so much larger than I thought  it was going to be.  I immediately opened it up and it was YUMMY!  Okay, I dove in with my hands first, then stopped myself and used a bowl and some milk.  It was a good tasting as it is healthy.

I was originally going to do this review during the month of January.  January is going to be "Live Your Best Life" Month and I think Me&Goji is the a great way to live a better life.  Its a way to make a great tasting, CUSTOMIZED cereal that meets your tastes, nutritional needs and meanwhile, its still healthy.  I have hypoglycemia and finding a cereal that tastes good and is good for you is REALLY hard to find.

The reason I'm doing this review now, is that I think Me&Goji is a GREAT holiday present!  You could make the cereal for someone, or give it as a gift!  Nothing says I love you more than helping them be healthy!

Take a peek at their gift options here:

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