Friday, January 28, 2011

Fitting It All In ~ Guest Post By Chic Runner!

By Danica

Sometime I feel really overwhelmed. It's hard to keep track of training, work, family and friends and having that regular routine that fits everything in. When you start to slip down the mountain into overload mode, one of the first things to go is the training plan and exercise. Then falls eating healthy. Life is all about being on the go, go, go, and sometimes taking that special twenty minutes to an hour to make yourself first is hard. Taking that initiative to make yourself first though will pay off tremendously in the long run though, no pun intended. 

Now with 6 marathons under my belt, I've ran some that I was well trained for and some that I could have put in a few more miles to make my overall experience better. When I was at mile 22, I remembered how I wanted to sleep in and how much it hurt at that point. Getting in those extra miles could have helped a lot! There are a few things when you consider getting into exercising and working out. I have really realized that a training plan is a great place to start when you want to incorporate running and fitness into your life. Even if you can't run every day, or even every other day, making goals for yourself is the best place to start. 

I have made numerous training plans for a lot of different races, from 5Ks to half marathons to full marathons. The reason you make a training plan is to try to hit a goal, with that goal in mind,  hopefully you'll want to put in the work to make achieve that goal. I remember when I was training for my first half marathon, I kept thinking that I was running so incredibly far! It was a great rewarding feeling and even after I ran my first ten miles, all day I kept telling myself, I ran TEN miles!

What are your goals? To finish a race? To get healthy? To feel better about yourself? To hit a certain time in a given distance? Make sure you make attainable goals and then go for it! With a goal in mind, it's much easier to train for something when you have a goal to reach at the end. If it's a 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon, anyone can run! It's all about getting started, believing in yourself and getting out there. 

When you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and think about your goals, how far you've come and what you want to accomplish. I never though I would have run a Full Marathon, but here I am training for number 7! Remember, no matter what your fitness goals are for the year, make sure you are doing it for yourself. You will be the most rewarded when you reach your goals that you've set for yourself. It's always great to cross that finish line and realize your hard work has paid off. 

You're working out, getting fit and doing this for yourself! Remember that! Taking time for yourself will empower you to feel better about yourself and sometimes, those few moments that you steal away from work, family and friends can be your saving grace to keep you sane and happy! 

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