Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Race Review-New Year's Day

This was my third race since I've been "back into it" after years (okay, decades off of racing) and recovering from a serious IT Band injury.

There were a few things that scared me about this race.  The biggest thing being that it was four miles and not the traditional 5k that I had been getting used to.

The second thing I was fearful of was the cold.  My other races were in the fall, which is usually much more temperate than January in CT.

I was also fighting a small torn muscle behind my ankle.  It started bothering me the week before when running in 20 inches of snow, which is a whole other story.

Finally, I was anxious because I thought the amount of racers would be decreased due to the cold and the holiday and I just might come in last.

Race day started out with no hiccups.  We had stayed in the night before so I would be well fed and well rested.  I ate healthy and got hydrated.  I slept pretty well through the night.

I was originally going to wear a "penguin outfit" to the race, but after hearing it was going to be 40+ degrees I bagged it, the hat and the gloves and went to a thermal top and over layer of fleece.  I wore my compression tights and of course, my tutu. I also made some braids and used some sparkle spray for my hair and used my sparkle nail polish :)

So the race went well.  There were fewer runners....225 as opposed to 435 at my first race and 940 at my second.  I felt good.  i ran my first mile way too fast and had to deal with some MAJOR hills.  I did walk a few times for about 15-30 seconds a time.  It really took the searing pain from my ankle.

I had a goal of four 11 minute miles and I beat it.  My race pace has been about 10 minutes per mile and I would have loved to come in at 40 minutes but the extra time was worth it to not cause more injury to my ankle.

Once again the thing that struck me about this race was how all the runners know each other.  Its like a club.  Everyone stopped me to tell me how cute my tutu was.  The neighborhood people were in their driveways waving.

Also, once again and without surprise my husband was there to support me, carry the backpack of supplies, take lots of photos and be my biggest supporter.  He says he wants to get into running and although I'd love that, I love having him there waiting for me at the finish line and waving to me at the start.

So what did I learn?  Be happy I'm running at all, have fun and wear less clothing!!

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