Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zensah means ahhh

When I first saw that Zensah made a running bra I was a little curious about how they would fit and feel.  Zensah makes compression wear, which usually means very tight.

I tried out the Zensah bra this morning on my run.  Usually my sports bras are terrible to get on...tight and difficult.  (And I'm not large chested.)  The Zensah bra slipped on very easily.  Once it was on, I didn't feel the usually pinch that my normal bra had.  I was interested in if it would feel supportive and as comfortable during my run.  It did.  I didn't have any pinching or rubbing while I ran.  The bra was supportive yet comfortable.

The bra was so comfortable that I ended up wearing it most of the day.  Usually I'm dying to get out of my sports bra the minute I walk in the door.  The bra was just as easy to take off as it was to put on.

The fabric of the bra is wicking and its SOFT.  I have a lot of Nike bras and even some ones from Lululemon.  However, I now only want to wear my Zensah bra and I'm hoping to purchase some more in the near future.

Zensah bras are not any more expensive than sports bras by other brands and they come in a variety of colors.  I received the baby blue, but I know I'm going to want some of the other colors too.

Take a peek at the photo of the bra I received and a photo of the bra on a model.

Want to get a Zensah bra?  Visit here:

I will be reviewing more Zensah products at a later time.

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  1. I wore that teal bra on my run today and it is just as awesome as the day I put it on for the first time! Its already been washed a LOT!