Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strategy Pants by MPG Sports

When I opened these pants up out of the packaging I was concerned.  They looked TINY.  I am a size 4-6, small and these pants were labeled small.  I slipped them on, with no trouble at all.  Before I go into how great these pants are for a run, I need to discuss what they look like.  

I usually don’t go for slim fit pants or body hugging.  My hips aren’t my favorite body part if you know what I mean.  Well I don’t really have an explanation except that the fabric on these does just the right amount of holding and hugging, but I would happily wear these pants out to the store.  (As a matter of fact they are in the washing machine now and will get worn on a road trip I’m taking tomorrow.)  

The pants are soft…I really have never had such soft workout wear.  They have a pocket on the side hip, perfect for a key or a gel.  They also have zippers on the back of the legs that allow you to cool off when you want, and to customize the fit.  

Although they are not specifically a thermal pair of pants, they kept me warm on a 20-degree run.  They are indeed quick drying and moisture wicking.  Again, the price is reasonable.  These are on sale right now for $46.40. 

If you want to order a pair visit:

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