Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Well its that time of year again and everyone is looking for "the perfect gift".  Since I'm a professional organizer, the whole gift giving process freaks me out a little.  After all, we all have too much stuff in our homes already, and we're going to make a big production of giving each other MORE stuff?  However, I can get behind the idea of giving each other gifts we'd love to receive and get.  Now, that's where this all gets tricky, as everyone's idea of the perfect gift is a little different.   And so I'm here to give you a few ideas for the runner in your life, the person looking to get organized, and a combination of both (who CAN"T use a little more free time to workout and enjoy themselves?)

1.  The first gift on my list is spices.  I love Penzeys spices.  They can be ordered online or you can visit one of their stores.  Their spices are fresh and tasty.  I live giving them as gifts because they are consumable, everyone uses spices and they can really help a cook create fresh healthy family meals.
Check them out here:

2.  Banana Blossom Press  They offer a range of cards and tees for all types of athletes.  Their slogans are cute, their tee shirts are stylish and COMFY.  Any runner or yogi would love to get one of these as a present!

3. My next item is something I've very recently fallen in love with.  My husband has had one for years and I've always teased him about it.  Its the Garmin Forerunner 305.  It tracks calories, distance, pace and a lot of other vital items.  This can really help you get, and stay motivated.  Once upon a time they were quite expensive, but have since come down considerably.  Here is a link to one at

4.  My next gift idea is also from  Its the Kindle.  Nothing cuts down on clutter more than the ability to buy and read books digitally.  I love reading and often am involved in a fiction book, non fiction book and text book all at the same time.  The Kindle allows me to read all three without the bulk. And when I'm done with a book, I don't have to find a place on the book shelf for it!

5.  If you live in a colder climate winter brings with it the need to bundle up in what are usually unattractive clothes.  Well Bondi Band changes that.  Their pony tail and pig tail hats are functional, warm AND adorable!  I recently wore one at a race and got a lot of compliments!  Check them out here:

6.  Buying for the woman who loves shoes?  Try Sanuk this year.  They are cute, comfy and worth every penny.  They come in lots of colors and varieties too!  My favorites are the "I'm Game" series.  In season animal prints with none of the guilt!  Check them out here:

7.  We all have to drink water.  And most of us don't do it enough.  One of the excuses I use a lot os that the water bottles are too much of a pain to carry all day.  Platypus has fixed that.  Their water bottles weigh next to nothing and when you've done with them, they roll up and can fit into your purse, pocket, you name it.
8.  I'm sure Apple doesn't need any plugging from me, but I converted from a larger running iPod this past summer to a Shuffle.  I love it.  Its light weight, easy to carry and the controllable headphones make muting my music and changing between songs a breeze, even in the middle of a race.  I love iPods for everyone as a gift.  Load it with music before you give it and its an even more thoughtful present.

9.  Everyone loves to travel.  So give someone you love the gift of a weekend away.  Plan the weekend out with a hotel stay and at least one planned meal.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just fun.  I rarely take time off and when I do, I usually micromanage the plans.  I'd love to have a weekend away planned out for me!  Even if its the next town over, leaving home and work can be a big relief and recharger.

10.  My last item is my best friend and worst enemy.  Its the foam roller.  These come in all sorts of color and sizes, so you can pick one that's right for you.  Mine is seen below and although it looks cute, its evil.  It hurts like heck to use, but you feel so good after its worth it.  Mine got me through a pretty bad injury this past summer.  Through using this roller I was able to avoid surgery.  They are great for anyone who works out, yogis, runners, gym rats....And, as a bonus, they are fun to watch others use.

Happy Shopping!

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