Monday, December 20, 2010

Lock Laces

I have seen all sorts of lacing styles and laces.  You can see a few dozen styles when you head to a race.  I always tied my shoes using the "runners knot" and its worked pretty well.  However, when I first saw Lock Laces I was curious.  I was sent a pair and I put them on my road running shoes.  I was nervous about if they would loosen, if they would hold my shoes on my feet and if my shoes would be as comfortable.

I had nothing to worry about!  I took them out for a run this morning and did speed work.  They held perfectly!  My shoes were snug, but not tight.  Putting the shoes on to head out was quick and easy and made getting out the door a little bit faster.  In my morning fog I didn't have to get my laces just right.  When I got home, the shoes slipped right off and the laces didn't loosen at all.

I'm a big proponent of anything that saves time and energy and these laces do both.  I intend to put these on my casual sneakers and my trail shoes.

These laces are great for racers, triathletes, etc.  However, I think they will be most appreciated by the busy mom trying to squeeze in a workout.  I also know that they are great for kids who can't their shoes yet.  Special needs children and adults can also benefit from using these laces.

One of the best things about Lock Laces is that they are a feel good company.  They give back to the community, they are green and contract with a non-profit that provides job training for adults with developmental delays to assemble Lock Laces in the USA.  You can feel great about buying from them.

Their laces come in all sorts of colors.  You can get them in your child's favorite color, or to match your shoes.  Oh and for something like this you'd expect to pay a lot of money.  However, these are just $4.99+ shipping online and are available at select Foot Locker stores nationwide.

Visit their website to take a peek at the laces and the great work they are doing:

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  1. Since I wrote this review I realized there are a lot more uses for Lock Laces. I just bought a pair for my mother in law so she can put them on her nursing shoes which come untied a lot as she walks for hours every shift. I also bought a pair for my grandmother who broke her back this summer and can't bend to tie her own laces. I'm going to get some more for myself as I just bought another pair of shoes.