Sunday, December 26, 2010

MPG Tops

Proxy 2 Top

This tank is black and very fitted.  Usually when I try on a fitted top like this I don’t like the way I look in it.  However, this one had designs on the front that hugged in just the right spots for it to be flattering.  The top had a built in sports bra which fit perfectly.  Sometimes the bras in these tops are either too big or too small.  The top was easy to get on and once I had it on the thing that struck me the most was how soft it was.  Workout clothes are not known for being the softest most comfortable clothes but I could easily wear this tank under a sweater or cardigan and 1.  It would be comfy and 2.  It would look cute.

I ran in the tank underneath a thermal top layer.  It rode up a little but I think that was due to the pouch I wearing on my waist to carry my cell phone and keys.  By the end of the run everything was still in place and the top was still comfy.  There was no chafing, and the top was still soft.  Its wicking properties kept my very dry.  When I arrived home, I didn’t want to change right away, I was that comfortable.  I would wear this tank under something all winter and alone in the summer.  While they have lots of colors, I love the black for its flattering appearance and for its versatility.

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Lightening Top

I wore this top underneath a thermal top on my run today.  Again, it was so easy to put on and so soft.  The bra fit perfectly, and the top was really cute.  I love the contrast colors.  The top is really cute.  I would wear this on its own in the warmer months.  I’d pair it with a running skirt and very comfortably stop and run errands after going for a run. 

The top was very comfy to run in.  It didn’t move or shift.  It rode up a little but again, I had on my phone pouch.  The bra was comfortable and sturdy enough for running.  The seams didn’t pinch and there was no chaffing.  The top has a zippered pocket in the back.  It’s just enough to hold a key.  

During the winter, finding a pocket is no problem for me. However, in the summer, in small shorts and tanks, a pocket is hard to come by. I was thrilled to see the pocket in this tank.

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