Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying New Things

I've dedicated May to trying new things out in my running and workout routines.  I have tried a new pair of trail shoes...(sent to me by Brooks and I will review as soon as I get the okay from them.), I've tried a new pair of road running shoes (see review last month), I've been varying my routes, distance and nutrition too.

So I've been working desperately on having more protein.  I hate the stuff.  I am not a fan of it so I've been working to find ways to make it that I love and other sources that work too.  I love jerkys, nuts, seeds, etc.  I feel like I am foraging around for food, I eat so many nuts, berries and seeds.

I'm also working on staying hydrated.  I get up every morning and do a really great job of drinking water, then I fail around mid day.  At night I pick it back up.  However, it got so bad that on a trail run yesterday I felt like I could barely swallow.  I want to get back in the habit of good hydration before the summer months hit.  I just bought a hand hand water bottle so I can bring water with me and hopefully increase my endurance.

I used to use Gus, gels, etc and for some reason I just gave up on all of them.  However, now I'm starting to see what's out there again that works for me.  I love the Cliff gel cubes (just not a whole pack at one) and the Honey Stinger Waffles.  I just placed some orders for new peanut butter Gu and Cytosport energy drops.  I also am into gummy bears.  They are inexpensive, easy to find and they never upset my stomach.  They are, thus far one of the only things that doesn't upset my stomach.

I am trying to do some more road running.  First of all because the park where I trail run isn't close anymore and I don't have time to get there.  Secondly, all of my races are on roads.  So this past weekend I turned on my Garmin, and ran into town.  It was about three miles.  It was weird changing the way I got into town from a car to my own two feet.  I bought a water, had a little Gu and turned around the ran home.  Very cool and I hope to do it once a week.

So while none of these things could really change my running, its at least changing the way I think about things and challenging me.

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