Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Race Wrap Up

Well I had another PR.  Its not a fast time, but its mine and I've been working for it for a long time.

The race was in Brookfield and part of the four seasons challenge that I did last year and I'm going to do again this year.  (This was the second race out of the four.)

The course was an out and back and it was a slight downhill on the way out and therefore a slight uphill on the way back.  I started out way too fast.

I haven't been wearing my GPS watch (Seamus) during races in a while but I did this time.  I checked at the first mile mark and I was 8 minutes and change in.  So I had to slow down or I knew I'd burn out.  There is a hill past the half way point and its not much fun but once you're past it you feel like you're almost back at the finish.

This was my first race in the new barefoot shoes and they were perfect.  Light weight and easy to wear.  I love the first race of the year where its finally warm enough to wear shorts and a tank.

The race was a lot of fun and as I say at the end of every race, I probably could have shaved a few seconds off.  But I'm going to be happy with my time, and just know that there is always room to improve.

My uncle also have a PR and my aunt ran as well and had a great time.  Its always fun to see a smiling, familiar face at the finish line.

I race again in a few weeks.  The next one is a five mile race, so I probably won't set any PRs, but I'm happy to be increasing my distance again this month.

Here I am at the start and finish and I think I look a little too happy at both :)

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