Sunday, May 20, 2012

One More Mile Review

Not all running tee shirts are equal.  And not all running tee shirts are cute.  Well, the tee shirt I recently received from One More Mile is above the rest.

First of all, the saying is adorable!  "Forget glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes." Its made of a technical fabric that wicks and is soft on your skin.  I received the long sleeve crew neck and I love that the sleeves have plenty of length to keep your arms warm on a cold day and they stay in place when you run (or just snuggle on the couch).

While I'm not super tall, I'm a little taller than the average gal and the length was good for me.  It wasn't as long as some of my other shirts, but the back of the shirt comes down nicely to stay in place and do a little bum covering.

Overall the shirt won't keep you super warm on a winter day, but its a super layering piece and perfect for spring and fall runs.  This is also a great piece to throw on after a workout when you stop for a coffee.

I've worn mine a few times and I've gotten lots of compliments and laughs about it already.  Honestly, I keep wearing it with a pair of jeans to go out!  One More Mile has hundreds of sayings and slogans and its hard to choose your favorite.  Then you get to pick the type of shirt and the color!  Its almost too much fun! Oh and they are VERY reasonably priced!

Take a look at the whole selection here:

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