Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taking it with you

As I've been running longer on the weekends, I've found a need to take more things with me.  However, last weekend I found that I looked and felt silly I had so much stuff with me.  I really need to change up the way I am carrying things.

Here's a list of what I took with me last weekend:
Seamus (my GPS watch)
An id bracelet
A reflective bracelet
A waist pack with two bottles and a pouch.  My phone was in the pouch.
I wore a skirt and I put a debit card and a Gu in its pocket.
My iPod and headphones.

It was hotter out than I thought and the water was hot by the time I drank it.  The Gu was hard to get to and the belt rubbed on my iPod which in turn scratched my skin.

So overall I felt weighed down and awkward throughout the whole run and I'm looking to stream line the process.  I have invested in another (I had one) shirt that has pockets for things like Gu and my phone.  I am also looking for a small, comfortable handheld water bottle.

I've tried was too round and I couldn't grip it.  The second one had a special nozzle that you supposedly had to suck to get water out of.  Maybe it was just the way I run, but it kept shooting me in the face.  Its funny now, but not while you're going uphill at mile five!

So if anyone has suggestions on what to carry and how to carry it, please share!  I don't want to feel burdened by all of my stuff and look ridiculous while running!

Here's the water bottle I think I may try next:

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  1. You should take a look at the Simple Hydration Water Bottle. The hook-shaped bottle will slide into a waistband so you don't have to carry a bottle (more efficient) and don't need to use a bulky hydration belt. Note that you do need drawstring shorts or skirts as that is what holds the weight of the water. Good luck with your selection.