Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Race Schedule

Okay I've updated my race schedule yet again....I have some that I'm still debating, but here is what the next few months look like.
May 13th-Mother's Day 5k-Done!
June 10th-Father's Day 5 Miler
June 16th-POSSIBLE Ruckus Run
June 23rd-5k
July 29-Color Run
September 16-10k in Portland, Maine
And then add in all of the holiday runs I love so much..Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.

I need to find a race at the start of August and one for Christmas (I say this every year.)  I am also determined to find time to run an obstacle run. There is a tough Mudder in the fall, or a Warrior Dash...I'm just waiting for something to speak to me :)

I'm also looking back on the races I've done this year:
New Year's Day 4 Miler
St. Patrick's Day 4 Miler
April Fool's 5k
Leatherman's Loop Obstacle 10k

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