Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gregory Maya 22 Backpack Review

I will admit I love bags.  I always have.  A good purse can change your whole outfit, and your whole mood for that matter.  Well the Maya backpack from Gregory can do just that.  I know its a backpack, but its got everything a busy, hiking gal needs.
First of all the pack comes in a few colors, but I was Pomegranate Pink.  Its bright and fun and happy, but not neon or over the top.  The pack has all the bells and whistles you need.

It has two main compartments.  They are big enough to hold shoes, a sweatshirt, lunch etc.  However, the pack is overbearing in size.  There is a small, felt compartment that is great for your iPod or anything else that needs a little extra TLC.  

Inside the main compartments are mesh dividers to organize all of your gadgets.  There is even a little key holder so you don't lose your keys at the bottom of the pack.
The front section is one of my favorite parts of the pack.  Its an expandable, mesh pocket that is perfect for a granola bar or windbreaker.  Having things close at hand without having to unzip everything is priceless, especially when you hit the top of the mountain and get chilled.  

The whole pack has compression so you can stuff it full, then cinch it tight.  There are side pockets, and my favorite compartment are the ones on the waist strap.  I always had an issue with finding my phone, tissues or a snack while I was hiking. I don't have to have someone hand me things from my pack anymore.

The back compartment holds a place for a bladder (up to 100 ounces) and a system to weave the tube out of the pack.   When I weighed the pack down with water it was comfortable.  The weight was in the waist strap like it should be, making the pack comfortable to wear, even when full.  The back is made of mesh and it allows for air to circulate, making it even more comfortable to wear. 

It is made for a women's body and i fits well and doesn't rub in any spots.  I'm 5'5" and it fit very well.  Everything is adjustable and the pack even has strap management systems so things don't dangle and catch on things.  

With all of the features the pack has and as much as it fit, I was surprised as to how lightweight the pack itself was.  The fact of the matter is I like this pack so much I keep grabbing it to go out and to take with me on my running trips, instead of my current gym back.  Its easy, cute and comfy, every thing I love!

You can take a look at the Maya 22 here:
Keep in mind they have TONS of packs to meet your needs; regardless of if you are looking for a cute bag or a functional hiking companion.  

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