Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Run Pretty Far Review 2

Okay I just got the chance to try out another one of Run Pretty Far's tees.  This one said Go Play across the front and its made of the most buttery soft material I've ever felt.  I put it on and right away felt a bit happier.  Its flattering and comfortable.  Its not tight fitting but it has a feminine shape.  The length is just right.  Enough to stay down during my run, but not too long.  It was really easy to thread my headphone through the shirt.

I usually don't run in short sleeves because they bother me but these sleeves were comfortable and I didn't notice them at all.  I did a sprints workout in this shirt so I really sweat in it.  However, I felt cool and dry the whole time, despite it being almost 80 and humid outside.

I loved that I could then grab pizza in the shirt and still looked cute.  The shirt was dry by the time I picked up my husband after my run.  I will be getting more of these shirts for sure!

I also tried out Run Pretty Far's new Rapunzel headbands.  I've tried a lot and I'm always skeptical about what's going to keep my heir out of my face.  Well again, this did the trick.  I trail ran and then sprinted in this one and it didn't budge.  I love the sunny yellow color I got.  It makes me happy and adds a pop of color to a normally boring running outfit.
Take a look at all of these items at Run Pretty Far's website:http://www.runprettyfar.com

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