Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Banjees Wrist Band Review

I was recently sent a wrist wallet from Banjees.  I had seen them on people around town etc.  However, I had never tried a wrist wallet.  I tried one out today during my morning run.  I like to carry a few small things with me when I run.  I am always looking for an easy way to carry things and not have to carry a big bag, or something that distracts me from my run.

It was a cold day in Connecticut the other day and I had on a long sleeve top.  The Banjee easily slipped over my top with no problem. I tried to get my key into it once it was on my wrist, however the zipper was hard to grab that way.  (I also had gloves on.)  I slipped it back off, put my key and iphone inside and easily slipped it back on.

That was the last I thought about the Banjee until I got back to the car.  It was so comfortable that I didn't have to think about it once.  The one I tried was organic cotton.  So not only was it functional, it was cute too!

I think I'm going to use the Banjee when I travel.  I fly for business a lot and I'm always juggling tickets, my phone, etc.  This would give me an extra pocket that's easy to get to.
Banjess come in lots of designs and colors and are affordable.  They are a great gift for a runner, mom, business person, of kid (what a great way to store lunch money, etc!).

Take a peek at all they have to offer here:

And do you want to know the best part? I have some to give away!  In order to enter, Tweet about this giveaway!  Use @thejoyfulorg or @joyfulrungirl in your tweet so I can see that you've entered.  

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