Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Love Yoga Review

Over the years yoga has gone from a rarely seen hobby to a mainstream topic.  Chances are you not only know someone who does yoga, you have someone on your holiday shopping list who does yoga!  Since they probably already have a mat and the necessary accessories, I'm going to give you a great alternative to buy for them.

The first item is Our Love Yoga's ChakraVee-Willfullness Tee.  The tee is part of their Chakra line of tees and you can get one featuring each of the seven charkas.  This tee has a very flattering v neck.  Not too deep, but enough to give it some style.  It looks more like a top and less like a plain tee.  Its burnout fabric also adds some depth.  Of course the graphic on the back really adds style!  However, its not overpowering.  This is a tee I'd throw on with a nice cardigan, as opposed to a tee you'd wear to bed at night.  I will warn you though.  You won't want to change out of it.  It is amazingly soft and comfy!

The second item I want to tell you about is the chakra burnout thermal.  Its the warmest, comfy long sleeve tee I have.  Unlike most of my long sleeve tees, it has a shape to it.  Its stylish and functional, something that's hard to come by.  The seven charkras are depicted down the back of the black thermal.  I keep throwing this top on to go to and from the yoga studio and then being disappointed later int he day when its dirty and I can't throw it on to hang out, read a book, etc.

Both of these tops would make great presents for the yogi in your life or the fashionista. They are not expensive, but good quality and fabulous comfort!

Take a look at all of Our Love Yoga's items here:

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