Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Year Straight Review

I was recently sent a copy of A Year Straight.  I had no idea what idea to
expect but I couldn't wait to get started.  We were just hit with a freak
October snow storm so I was given the perfect opportunity to read a lot.  I
grabbed the book and started it.  I was immediately enraptured in the
characters and the plot line.  Despite the book being non fiction and the
characters being real people, the book reads like fiction.  It very quickly
becomes a page turner.  You can't wait to find out what the main "character"
is going to do next and you can't wait to find out where her adventures will.
lead her. 

The plot line is unbelievable at times, as only real life can.
The book will make you laugh out loud one minute and sympathize with the the 
main character the next.  What makes this different from most books you read
it that this one tells the real tale of a modern girl, living and surviving
in New York City.  There are no perfect shoes and no perfect job, just real
life and some of the all struggles we face day in and day out.  Of course,
these are told so that you can laugh about them.

Unlike most books, you aren't sure how you want this one to end.  You don't
know if you want the main character to end up with her current boyfriend,
some one new, a boy or a know you want her to be happy, no
matter what version of "happily ever after" she desires.
You will love this book, its a great book to buy a your best friend going
into the holiday season!

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