Friday, November 4, 2011

My Ring Guard~Such a Great Idea!

MyRingGuard Product and Campaign Description:
MyRingGuard is safety on your hand. It is a ring with a push button that uses blue tooth to connect to your smart phone via an app that allows anyone to send a message for help with their GPS location to your emergency contact(s). MyRingGuard is light weight, comfortable, and allows you to easily make an uninterruptible call for help with a touch of your thumb to your index finger in the case of an emergency - without having to fumble for your phone.

MyRingGuard was created with runners, bikers, hikers, night shift workers, and college co-eds in mind. It was created to help women feel more secure as they head out at night or in the early mornings alone on a path, or walking through large empty parking lots, or commuting across campuses.

MyRingGuard is now ready to head into production and is utilizing a website,, which allows for companies to “crowd-fund” through pre-sales and additional contributions.  This type of funding exposes unique products to early believers, adopters and fans who - through their advance purchase or contribution - help fund the company and in the end get rewarded with a great product at a discount and the knowledge that they are part of launching a new business.

Through IndieGoGo MyRunningGuard is offering their early adopters / crowd-funders discounts on MyRingGuard starting at 20% and increasing up to 33% for a family package.

To learn more about MyRingGuard, see a video with product demonstration, and to take advantage of the pre-sales discounts visit:

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