Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love This Life Review

Know how you always wear some of your clothes over and over again because
they are comfortable and SO SOFT?  Well that's how you will feel about Love
This Life wear.  I was recently sent their Buddha hoodie.  I expected to
wear it before and after yoga class on the way to the studio.  Well it
quickly became a staple in my closet.  I took it out of my "workout" section
and put it into my "favorites" section.

The hoodie is made from soft cotton and flows with me as I wear it.  I don't
have to pull it down as it has a little extra length to it.  I love that I
can bend over or reach over my head and not worry about exposing my back or

The arms are just the right length, again not too short like some hoodies.
It washed very well and is still soft.

The Buddha graphic on the front is calming and cute.  Its in silver which
adds a little pizzazz to the shirt.  I always get compliments when I wear
this piece.  Its truly a piece of your wardrobe, not just anther tee shirt.

And Love This Life has TONS of other clothing options!  Check them all out
They are not overly expensive as you'd expect a boutique brand like this to
be and the company is made up of genuinely nice people.
Their line would make great gifts for anyone in your life who needs a little
reminder of peace throughout the day, and who couldn't use that?

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  1. perfect fit and looks soft as this life indeed ! Love This Life clothing