Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving Out~Part One

My husband and I have recently gone through a move.  By the time you are reading this, it will be done and I will hopefully be happily settled in.  However, as I right this I'm in the middle of what I like to call organized chaos.
We are moving into a place that needs some work. It is partially finished, partially full of stuff, etc.  Let's just say it needs work to be able to bring our things in.

So this week we tackled the bedroom.  This really sounded like the small, easy part of the process.  Well I was wrong.  And I have to say, I think I'm pretty good at project management as I do it all the time for my clients.  I've even played the role of general contractor on lots of jobs for clients.  However, this time there was one difference, I am doing all of the work myself (with my husband) AND managing the project.

Okay so we started by taking everything out of the room, filling the holes in the walls, sanding, etc.  Just getting them ready to paint was a project in itself.  And the dry wall dust was worse than locusts.  It got on and in everything.  It even stuck to the silicone case I keep my iPhone in!

Then came the paint.  Well I will be honest.  My husband and I have never picked out paint colors before.  Ever.  It was a hilarious journey with two only children neither of which have a clue about design.  My husband wanted bright blue.  I meant BRIGHT blue.  I wanted something serene but in the blue or green genre.  (I clearly didn't really have any idea as that didn't narrow it down much.)

Well we settled on a lovely color by Benjamin Moore called Casco Bay.  Its a deep green/blue and its just right to accent all of our Maine pottery, bedspread and nautical maps that we plan to decorate with.  I will post a finished product picture later.

The bathroom was a whole other project.  The tile floor needed to be fixed and regrouted.  The shower needed new caulk.

The fixtures had paint on them from the last time the room was painted and the cabinet was falling apart.  So all of that took little old me one day to fix.  I did it and honestly, I'm quite proud of the outcome.

And so we are currently in the process of putting paint on the walls....every area needs more than one coat and every area needs to be "cut in" before every coat .  I feel like its a funny game of solitaire.

However, its all starting to come together and look amazing.  After the painting is done, we are going to tackle redoing the floors ourselves.  However, we have one day before the floor sanding rental arrives and I'm hoping to get all the fixtures hung back up in the space and get all the trim painted.    Time will tell and I will keep you posted!

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