Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving Out~Part Three

Well since I wrote my last post a lot has gotten done.  I have completed my closet installation first of all.  Despite the fact that I design, install and organize closets for a living, doing one for myself was a lot of fun.

I used Elfa systems and a few bins I already had in my old closet.  I ended up with lots more hanging space than I had previously as well as four drawers that were just right for my running clothes.  I also have a great top shelf that I'm using for out of season shoes and rarely used shoes (like shoes to wear to a wedding) in plastic shoe boxes.

I have still been keeping up with my daily to do lists to manage the process.  Now, I am in the packing and moving stage.  EVery day I pack up some items from my old location and then bring them to my new location and put them away.  I'm sure this process does take a little longer.  However, I don't have a mass of boxes anywhere that is over whelming to me and I know exactly where items are going to go before they even arrive at my new location.

My husband is working on getting all of the TV/Internet/Cable sytems hooked up.  I will be the firt to admit, its not my expertise and he's much better at it than I would ever be.

We are also in the picture hanging stage.   I'm just letting things go where I feel they should go this time. I feel like its more natural and easier to tackle that way.  I will see if I like the end result.

Thus far I've gotten some great bargain finds.  I found some throw pillows for the bed or couch.  They ere just $2.50 and by Nautica!  I also found some awesome Umbra curtains for $2 a piece!  Gotta love a clearance table in the middle of the store!

I know that I have miles to go before I sleep but at least for now, I'm cautiously optimistic!

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