Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yogitoes Review

Everyone has heard of yoga mats.  However, have you heard of a yoga towel?  Well Yogitoes makes a yoga towel you won't be able to live without.
The yoga towel serves a few purposes.  The first is to place a hygienic layer between you and your mat.  After all your mat sits on the gym and studio floors and you sweat on it.
The yoga towel also helps you improve your grip on the mat.  The back of the towel is covered with silicone dots that stick to whatever surface you place them on; your mat, the ground, etc.
The towel itself is really absorbent and soaks up your sweat and allows you to focus on other things, like your pose.

The mat really makes yoga that much more enjoyable.  If you are advanced, the towel can help you get into the right pose that much quicker.  If you are a novice, the towel can help you hold your position.
This towel is wonderful for hot yoga.  Its gross, but hot yoga is sweaty and giving it someplace to go improves your overall experience.

This particular towel is mat sized at 24 inches by 68" inches.  Its machines washable so you can simply throw it in the laundry once you've had a great workout.  They come in a variety of colors so you can pick one that fits your personality.

The towel I was sent supports the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  So if you're in the market for a yoga towel, why not also help a great cause?

I also love this towel to use after a run.  When I get back to my car after running, I wipe off with it first of all. Then I put it on my seat to protect it from getting wet and sticky.  The silicone "knobs" hold it to the seat and keep me in place and secure while driving.

The second item I was sent was a smaller version of the original Yogitoes towel.  The hand towel measures 17 inches by 26 inches.  I was curious at first about how I would use this towel.  Well its become my new favorite thing.

I love it in yoga.  During hot yoga its great to simply dap your forehead and hands with.  You can also use this towel to hold poses.  I like it to help me hold my arms onto my legs when I'm sweaty.  It feels great against your skin and it really helps you hold poses.

The Yogitoes collection is a perfect gift for the fitness lover or yogi in your life.  They are reasonably priced and a great treat to give yourself.  I have used mine over and over again in a very short time and have come up with lots of uses for these towels.

Want to get your own Yogitoes towel?  Take a peek at all their colors and choices here:

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