Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Year

August 23rd marks the one year anniversary of my IT Band injury.  One year ago I was unable to walk and had no idea what I had done or how I had done it.

A trip to my DM and a physical therapist and time revealed I had actually disconnected the IT Band entirely.  While most people need surgery to correct this, my physical therapist and doctor were determined to get back back running without medicine or surgery.  A combination of meditation, massage, dynamic stretching and determination allowed me to be back running (very slowly) in about 60 days.

 The past year has been spent learning moderation, stretching and injury prevention.  I firmly believe that without the dynamic multi pronged approach to getting better I'd still be injured today.  While I am still careful and feel a small twinge from time to time I'm confident an injury that serious won't plague me again.

I also attribute my recovery to the love and support of my friends and family.  Without my husband's help, I wouldn't have even been able to shower when I was first injured.   All in all, the injury was a blessing.  It helped me learn so much about those around me, myself and moderation.  I'm thankful it happened, but willing to do what it takes so it doesn't happen again.

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