Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Favorite Crops

By far these are my favorite running crops.  While I LOVE my Wunder Unders, these are really made for running.  The new luxtreme fabric is much more breathable than the luon and I was dry before I even made it home from my run.  They move with you and honestly, I usually pull at my crops along the run to get them into place, etc.  These stayed put regardless of sprints, stretches, etc.  The seams didn't chafe and after I took the crops off, I didn't have lines all over my legs like you sometimes do with legging type crops.  

The two pockets in front are great for your iPod, gus, chap stick, etc.  Anything you may need on your run.  I also love the zippered pocket in the back for my car key.  I've lost my car key from open pocket in the back so knowing my key will be where I left it at the end of my run is very valuable to me.

On a fashion note, the thick waist band is flattering and the fabric seems to smooth things out.  I don't think there is any special design feature about this but they seem to be butt lifting.  I also love the breathable fabric on the back of the knees that allow your legs to breathe.  And my favorite part of these crops?  The little ruffles on the sides of the leg that make them as cute as they are functional.  

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