Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've always loved camping and our annual family trip has always been something I look forward to with much anticipation.  This year is no different.  This year I need the rest, relaxation and renewal more than ever.  I am looking forward to waking up with the birds, falling asleep to the waves and hearing the loons call out to each other.

I love reading in the hammock more than anything. I love warming myself on the beach, only to jump back into the cold lake again.  I am also looking forward to running, biking and kayaking at the lake.  These things are more difficult to do from my home and they are so easy and quick to start doing while camping.

I love campfires and junk food and I love the cold brisk air of night time at the lake.
All of this being said, I haven't started packing yet and we leave in just a few days.  The past year and few months in particular have been so chaotic that the packing process that is usually drawn out, thought through and strategized for is being done in a one day, one shot this year.  I will be spending exactly one day pulling everything together, including clothes, food, gear, dog supplies, etc.  We will see how it goes and if we arrive with anything missing.  However, doing it this way is a little liberating.  Its a lesson for me on letting go.  After all, as long as I pack books and running shoes, I'm all set :)

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