Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nuu Muu Love

I have a Nuu love.  Its by Nuu Muu and its a running dress.  I have worn
running skirts for years.  I was an early adopter and what first got me a
lot of strange looks then got me compliments and now is considered a normal
running outfit.  

Despite all of this, I had yet to try a running dress.  I guess I thought I
would feel "uncovered".  I was sent the Sahara dress by Nuu Muu.

I received it and slipped it on right away.  I was shocked at how it felt
like I was wearing nothing and how flattering it was.  Another concern I had
about a running dress was that there wasn't any structure to "hold things

I was a little freaked out at the length.  However, I put on my sports bra
and a pair of boy shorts with it this morning and headed out onto the trail.
I loved driving in the dress.  It was super comfy and soft.

Once I started running I was paying very close attention to how the dress
would bounce upward exposing my legs.  The dress did not ride up or really
move at all.  I was pleasantly surprised and felt confident and well covered
in the dress throughout my run.

When I was done running I left the dress on for a while to see how quickly
it would dry.  I was completely dry in about 20 minutes and I found myself
not itching to get in the shower or to take the dress off.  I really can't
express how comfortable it is.

Nuu Muu dresses come in all sorts of patterns and colors.  The Sahara
pattern is very flattering and adorable.

I would say if you are getting a Nuu Muu dress opt for the pocket style.
The dress I received didn't have a pocket and I was perplexed as to what to
do with my key.  I finally tied it onto my boy shorts but this wasn't the
easiest maneuver at the park without pulling the dress way up.  Or use a
shoe key pouch.  

Overall, I think the Nuu Muu dress is a super way to look cute, feel great,
and wear your running clothes just about anywhere.
And when you receive their dress, take a peek at the tag that comes on it.
It states "
We believe in strong girls and women.  We believe in real bodies and real
friends.  We believe in trying really, really hard. We believe in having fun
along the way."

How cool is that?  It pretty much sums up my life philosophy!

And yes they have extended sizing and dresses for girls too!
Take a peek at their website here:
  I promise you that you will love you Nuu
Muu dress.

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