Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Branson Trip

When I'm writing this I'm a day or so into my Branson trip!  Its a whole new part of the country I've never seen before.  I flew from Portland to Atlanta to Branson yesterday.

I wanted to share with you some of the sights I'm seeing.  I will admit I haven't seen much of Branson.  My hotel is pretty far away from everything "in town" and I don't have a rental car.

The airport here in Branson was small and country themed.  It was funny to get off the plane, onto the runway and then hop into an airport that felt like I was at Disney World.
Cute huh?

I then checked into my hotel room.  It was much bigger than I had thought.  My laptop bag and tiny piece of luggage barely take up any space and I could host a yoga class in the room!

I haven't seen the conference center yet, but I bet it will be beautiful too.
We are on the lake in Branson and I can see if from my room.

Finally, I got to spend some time by the pool.  It felt odd to be sitting there in 80 degree sun while my family at home prepares for a hurricane.  Here is a view of the pool from the restaurant where I ate lunch.
I've been eating hotel food since I arrived and thus far I've had a great veggie burger and a wonderful Missouri beef burger.

I will post more pictures later and post more about my trip!

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