Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holding Steady

Well I was making great progress with my running until recently.  We are in the moving/renovation process and its taking every last waking minute I have.  I am barely squeezing in my runs as it is.  So instead of going gang busters with new runs and fast speeds, I'm holding steady.

I was first a little bummed by this.  I stopped using my daily runs to increase fitness, but as a release and as an energizer.  I told myself that whatever I could do would be fine with me and I wouldn't kick myself later.  And you know what?  The runs have been awesome!

I am no longer kicking myself as to why I'm not faster or why a particular hill still seems to zap my energy or how there is someone else at the park faster than me.

All of a sudden my daily runs are just for me.  They are rewards instead of punishments.  They are calm time instead of time that I'm looking to be "amped up".

When I get settled into my new place I'm sure I will set some new goals and push myself harder once again, but for now, I'm happy with the status quo.  That, in itself, is a break through for me and I'm happy to share it with you.

On another side note I ordered a pair of sneakers today that are "hybrids".  They are designed to be cushy on pavement and stable enough on trails.  My new place will allow me to run on roads to a trail so I needed something unique.  I tried getting there in my normal trail shoes and on pavement they felt like lead on my feet.  I will review them once they have arrived and I have tried them out.

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